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This domain was bought in 2012, when I decided to get rid of my old network called "himmelsspiegel.net". Before that, I had my childhood-network "amabarenya.net", my very first domain. Obviously I change my domains like underwear, but I think this time it will last.
Here you will find my small collection of sites dedicated to video games, anime & manga, movies or simply to the things that caught my attention.

This is the fourth version of "midnight-cloud.net" and I think it fits the current season spring pretty well. The layout features an anime picture from pngwing.com and also some other png art that I found there. I wanted something bright this time, although I would normally choose a dark theme for my domain. So here we are, with strawberrys and flowers to welcome the new season and hopefully a better year. Aren't we all tired somehow?

Feel free to sign my guestbook, thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay! Before I forget: For updates just click on the words.


Latest Update on 19/09/2021

Update: 19/09/2021
Hi guys, I opened "Spirits" a clique where you can get your favorite Secret of Mana Spirit to protect the mana seed of your website. Feel free to join!

Update: 19/05/2021
A fresh new layout for midnight-cloud.net!

Update: 27/04/2021
Hello, hello friends! Right now I am testing some new html, css and php stuff in preparation for my new layout. So I changed the design of the updates a little bit because I thought there was so much going on here on the main page. So for now the updates and joinables are shown when clicked on them.

Update: 26/02/2021
"Eyes on me", a small Julia Heartilly shrine is online. This is my first shrine in english language.

Update: 14/02/2021
A fresh new layout for "Book of Days", my layout archive. And "Dreamdancer" is finally up! This is a shrine for Lisa from the game Soulblazer. Does anyone know this game?

Update: 31/12/2020
I opened "kupo, kupo!", a moogle adoption clique. Feel free to join!

Update: 17/12/2020
Hello guys, what's up? Here's small update for you: I am alive. LOL. Well, Covid 19 is fucking me up lately and we have a second lockdown in germany at the moment. So I have plenty of time and was thinking of translating some of my sites into english...

Update: 13/04/2020
I opened gaia.nu, a portal for the inofficial soul blazer trilogy.

Update: 10/11/2019
A fresh new layout for "midnight-cloud.net". And I opened "Illusion" a shrine to Elle from Terranigma!

Update: 09/06/2018
The collective "midnight-cloud.net" has a new layout!

Update: 08/21/2012
Fury is online but not finished yet!

Update: 07/25/2012
Book of Days is finally online!

Update: 07/06/2012
I joined Stargazer, a wonderful webclique for lovers of stars and the night sky!



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