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I'm glad you strayed into my little kingdom of creativity. Here you will find sites that are dedicated to anime & manga, games, series, films or whatever is on my mind at the moment. Just look around and click through the pages. By the way, I would be very happy about a comment in my guestbook. Well, please enjoy now!

This is the 7th version of midnight-cloud.net. Actually, I liked the last layout so much that I wanted to keep it. But then I was inspired by the anime "Made in Abyss" and the creativity came over me. Oops. For the layout I used an artwork showing Lyza and Riko sitting on the flower meadow called "Garden of the Flowers of Resilience" on Layer 4 of the abyss. I also used this image for the layout. It's Maaa, my favorite character from season 2 of "Made in Abyss".
Everyone who knows the anime will also be absolutely fascinated by the abyss and I can really really say to everyone else: check it out and watch it! And while you're on this page, please listen to this song (or this one) while you're at it.

Last Update on 05.02.2024
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I love joining cliques but I prefer to have codes that you can put on your page as small sprites like below.