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This domain was bought in 2012, when I decided to get rid of my old network called "". Before that, I had my childhood-network "", my very first domain. Obviously I change my domains like underwear, but I think this time it will last.
Here you will find my small collection of sites dedicated to video games, anime & manga, movies or simply to the things that caught my attention.

This is the sixth version of "" featuring Maron Kusakabe from the anime Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. The layout feels like spring with strawberrys and cherrys all over the picture. I thought it was time for a change again. What do you say?

Feel free to sign my guestbook, thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay! Before I forget: For updates just click on "Latest Updates on..." and the text will be shown.


Latest Update on 08/07/2022

Update: 08/07/2022
Hi guys, I FINALLY opened the aeon adoption clique "Grand Summoning". However there is just the content for adoption ready but I promise I will fill it with tons of information about Yevon etc. later this year.

Update: 15/03/2022
Hey friends, I uploaded a new layout for "", since I was super tired of the dark one.

Update: 19/09/2021
Hi guys, I opened "Spirits" a clique where you can get your favorite Secret of Mana Spirit to protect the mana seed of your website. Feel free to join!

Update: 19/05/2021
A fresh new layout for ""

Update: 27/04/2021
Hello, hello friends! Right now I am testing some new html, css and php stuff in preparation for my new layout. So I changed the design of the updates a little bit because I thought there was so much going on here on the main page. So for now the updates and joinables are shown when clicked on them.

Update: 26/02/2021
"Eyes on me", a small Julia Heartilly shrine is online. This is my first shrine in english language.

Update: 14/02/2021
A fresh new layout for "Book of Days", my layout archive. And "Dreamdancer" is finally up! This is a shrine for Lisa from the game Soulblazer. Does anyone know this game?

Update: 31/12/2020
I opened "kupo, kupo!", a moogle adoption clique. Feel free to join!

Update: 17/12/2020
Hello guys, what's up? Here's small update for you: I am alive. LOL. Well, Covid 19 is fucking me up lately and we have a second lockdown in germany at the moment. So I have plenty of time and was thinking of translating some of my sites into english...

Update: 13/04/2020
I opened, a portal for the inofficial soul blazer trilogy.

Update: 10/11/2019
A fresh new layout for "". And I opened "Illusion" a shrine to Elle from Terranigma!

Update: 09/06/2018
The collective "" has a new layout!

Update: 08/21/2012
Fury is online but not finished yet!

Update: 07/25/2012
Book of Days is finally online!

Update: 07/06/2012
I joined Stargazer, a wonderful webclique for lovers of stars and the night sky!

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