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Last Update on 10/11/2019

This domain was bought in 2012, when I decided to get rid of my old network called "himmelsspiegel.net". Before that, I had my childhood-network "amabarenya.net", my very first domain. Obviously I change my domains like underwear, but I think this time it will last. Here you will find my small collection of sites dedicated to video games, anime & manga, movies or simply to the things that caught my attention.

The third layout of "midnight-cloud.net" features a picture from my all time favorite childhood manga "Sailor Moon". I thought Black Lady would fit the domain's theme pretty good. You know, darkness and moon stuff. So I choosed her for the new layout. Did you notice the wiseman in the background? :D

Feel free to browse around, thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay!


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Update: 13/04/2020
I opened gaia.nu, a portal for the inofficial soul blazer trilogy.

Update: 10/11/2019
A fresh new layout for "midnight-cloud.net". And I opened "Illusion" a shrine to Elle from Terranigma!

Update: 09/06/2018
The collective "midnight-cloud.net" has a new layout!

Update: 08/21/2012
Fury is online but not finished yet!

Update: 07/25/2012
Book of Days is finally online!

Update: 07/06/2012
I joined Stargazer, a wonderful webclique for lovers of stars and the night sky!

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