To tell the truth almost all of my sites are written in german language. But I'll do my best to translate them into english as soon as I have some more time. For the sake of order my sites are listed in categories such as "Anime/Manga/, "Games", "Personal/Other" and "Planned".


Fragile Mind // Alois Trancy from Kuroshitsuji II (german)
Lacrimosa // Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji I (german)
Sorceress // Raquel from Scrapped Princess (german)


Grand Summoning // Final Fantasy X Adoption Clique (english)
Kupo, kupo! // Final Fantasy Moogle Adoption Clique (english)
Spirits // Seiken Densetsu Series Spirits Clique (english)


Dreamdancer // Lisa from Soulblazer (german)
Eyes on me // Julia Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII (english)
Fury // Lulu from Final Fantasy X (german)
Illusion // Elle from Terranigma (german)
Machinehead // Gippel from Final Fantasy X-2 (german)
Rebellious // Cifer Almasy from Final Fantasy VIII (german)


Book of Days // My layout archive (english)


Ascending Angel // Magilou Mayvin from Tales of Berseria
Bereavement // Tribute to my lovely and dead dog
Genius // Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon
Lux Aeterna // Selan from Lufia II
Magia Effectrix // Rinwell from Tales of Arise
Magus // Soleia Elard from Seduce the Villain's Father
Spoiled Royal // Kara from Illusion of Gaia
Succession of Witches // Tribute to the witches of Final Fantasy VIII
Waternymph // Luka from Secret of Mana


My Sacrifice // Yuna from Final Fantasy X & X-2

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