When Julia was 22 years old, she met Laguna Loire in the Galbadia Hotel. Back then he was a galbadian soldier, who usually frequented the hotel's bar when off duty. Ever since he met her, he was captivated by her beauty and returned night after night to watch her performance on the stage. I think, at that time she may fell in love with him too.

Well, even though Laguna was too shy to make the first step towards Julia, one evening he was able to finally talk to her. Julia invited him up to her room, where they talked about their dreams. She wished to be a singer, write her own songs and told him she found insparation in meeting him. He opened up to her that he wanted to quit the army to become journalist. But their time together ended and Julia never heard of him again.
Since Julia was a famous pianist, she must have had many admirers around her. One of them was Colonel Caraway. He seemed to be jealous of Laguna, so he decided to send him on an important mission. Comforted by Fury Caraway she decided to give up on him and got married to the Colonel.

"The many faces you've shown me. Times when you were hurt, worried... Or felt pain deep inside you. Your smile, your face, your eyes... You've shown me something... I think I can come up with a song."

That is what Julia said to Laguna when they were alone in the hotel room in deling city. The feelings she had for him are expressed clearly in her song "Eyes on me". When you read the lyrics, youl will understand what I mean. The words she used to describe the shy galbadian soldier are just brilliant. They represent the scene with Laguna and Julia so perfectly, that I can't write more than: just read the lyrics!


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