Name: Julia Heartilly
Alias: Julia Caraway
Age: 22
Height: 166cm
Bloodtype: unknown
Origin: Deling City

Julia Heartilly is a singer and pianist from Final Fantasy VIII who made a living at the beginning of her career by performing in Deling-City at the Galbadia Hotel. Here she also met Laguna Loire, who fell in love with her at that time. They met in her hotel room, and she addressed him about his beautiful eyes. This is how her first song "Eyes On Me" came about, which can be heard at various points in the game. After Laguna was called on an important assignment he met Raine, his later wife, and Julia married Colonel Caraway. Together they have a daughter who they named Rinoa. However, Julia dies in a car accident when Rinoa is just five years old.

Julia has a passion for music and singing, but lacks of courage to break out of her role as a lounge pianist. She is very open hearted and isn't afraid of taking the initiative in approaching her love interest. On the other hand she is a very tactful and sensitive person. While talking to Laguna in her room she does not interrupt him despite Laguna getting carried away and monologizing for hours. However, she really depends on other people. She reveals to Laguna that meeting him has given her inspiration. The marriage with Fury Caraway helped her to gain success. As you may notice, just little is known about her.


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