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to "La Pucelle" a small tribute to Fena Houtman

When Fena: Pirate Princess came out two years ago, I was immediately enchanted by the anime. The story somehow reminded me of the way RPGs are told, so I always looked forward to the next episode. With only one season, Fena: Pirate Princess is self-contained and I wish there had been a little more to come. But whatever, I still really like the anime.

Here you will find information about the series and Fena, but also multimedia stuff. I will not mark spoilers, so be careful when reading. This is also the first version of "La Pucelle" and it's very colorful, which suits Fena's character quite well. To be honest, I've had other layouts. but I didn't like them at all. Feel free to click through the pages and maybe I can convince you to watch the anime?

<3 Christina

Last Update on 08.05.2023
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