Valefor is a birdlike beast from Final Fantasy X that resembles a hybrid between a phoenix and a dragon. Her fayth, a young girl, resides in the Temple of Besaid. Valefor is also the first aeon that Yuna obtains.

Valefor's special ability is called Sonic Wings: This does less damage than a normal attacks, but delays the opponent's next turn.
She is the only aeon that has two overdrive attacks. Valefor has mastered the first, called Energy Ray, from the start, firing a laser beam from her beak that damages all enemies. The second attack, Energy Blast , can be found in Besaid after completing the Halls of Trial. If you talk to the shopkeeper afterwards, she mentions that her dog found something - the dog is in the northernmost house on the right and is carrying Something Sodden with Slobberwith him, which teaches Valfaris the Energy Blast. This attack consists of firing multiple beams of energy that hit all enemies, dealing slightly more damage than Energy Ray, but with a longer cooldown.

Each aeon is associated with a particular symbol of the Yevon scripts. The symbol for Valefor and Besaid is annotated with the kanji for nothing (無, Mu). Emptiness, "Mu", is a Zen Buddhist concept expressing negation of the self, selflessness, innocence and purity of soul. Every summoner must achieve these traits to succeed in defeating Sin. The Buddhist concept of nothingness may also be associated with the element of air. Valefor is a flying aeon whose main attack is non-elemental and delays the opponent's turn, traits that also fit this theme.

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